The Art in the Line: Poetry & Micro Prose
Instructor: Elaine Sexton
July 28 - August 10

Writing is an act of discovery. We form our impressions of a poem, first, by the way words appear on the page: the use of white space, typography, order, disorder. We step into a paragraph or a stanza, for the first time, as we do a building we admire ¬¬– curious, but from the outside. So the discovery that the origin of stanza, for example, is from the Italian word for room, is a reckoning. What draws us into the delicate, vivid, and sometimes disturbing rooms of a memorable poem, or a memorable personal narrative? Each day we will search for the answers, found in the scaffolding of the lines: the elements that go into visual and sonic pattern making, the use of erasures and other forms of ellipsis. Part craft-class, this workshop is made up of lessons, assignments, and constructive critiques. We will take full advantage of the landscape and visual riches of Assisi by looking with intent! Students will draft something every day, some texts as brief as one line, and learn to fold it into a one-page book, the simplest book you will ever make! You will complete this 2-week workshop with at least as many new strategies for new work as the days we have spent together.

Elaine Sexton Elaine Sexton is a poet, critic, teacher, and micro-publisher. Her third collection of poetry, Prospect/Refuge, was published in 2015. Her work has appeared widely in anthologies, textbooks, and journals including American Poetry Review, Art in America, Oprah Magazine, Poetry and Plume. Formerly a senior editor at ARTnews, she teaches poetry and text & image workshops at the Sarah Lawrence College, New York University, Poets House, and various art and writing centers around the country. She is a member of the National Book Critics Circle, and the visual arts editor for Tupelo Quarterly.