Film in Italy
Instructor: Alexandra Sage
July 28 - August 10

In the dazzling setting of Assisi, a series of screenings, lectures and workshops will give an introduction to Italian cinema. Our programme will include key works (screened in full), and discussion of concepts, case studies, styles and methodologies designed to support a greater understanding and appreciation of Italian cinema, and the filmmaking process. Topics covered will include use of film language, the geography of the set, sound design, use of location, the art of direction, cinematography and performance, and the influence of Italian film, against a backdrop of history, gender politics and international cinema.

Students will be supported in their own filmmaking, either as a group or individuals, with opportunities to discuss ideas, and view footage or edited material. Students who are interested in practical work should come technically self-sufficient bringing a camera, laptop, hard drive, editing software etc. A Lo-tech filmmaking approach (for example using an iphone camera) is absolutely acceptable. Students will be encouraged to take part in presentations at the end of the course, either of their own or pre-existing work.

Alexandra Sage is Senior Lecturer in Film at Roehampton University, London teaching filmmaking and film theory to undergraduate students; and Visiting Lecturer, overseeing film production on the MA in International TV Production at Royal Holloway University, London. Her students’ films have won several awards, including the Royal Television Society Award for Undergraduate Factual. Previously Alexandra worked at the Arts Council of England, funding and managing the production of artists' film and video; and administering joint production schemes with BBC2 and Channel 4. She also worked for several years as an Consultant to the UK National Lottery on applications for film funding.

Alexandra is an independent documentary filmmaker, and spent many years working in the film and television industries as a freelance sound recordist and editor. She has a MA in English Literature from Edinburgh University, and an MA in Film Production from the Northern Film and Television School, England. Alexandra grew up in New York City and has lived for many years in both Edinburgh and London. Alexandra also regularly gives introductions to film screenings in London cinemas, and organizes undergraduate trips to international film festivals including Sheffield, Berlin, and Tribeca. She writes a popular blog,