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The Examined Self: Memoir Writing
July 14 - July 27

For many writers, the line between memoir and fiction is fluid – and more and more authors use elements of both in their work. Both memoir and fiction involve crafting a compelling narrative, and novels as well as memoirs are often shaped from the writer's own experiences. In this course, Bob Hughes, a novelist, playwright, memoirist and former Wall Street Journal reporter, helps students as they write their narratives as fiction or memoir. For each, the goal is the same: to achieve evocative and honest prose. Hughes is a well-regarded novelist (Late and Soon, The Rectory) and playwright (the coming Sight Lines), and is currently writing a memoir on his life in France (Parisian on Purpose). Hughes helps writers find and amplify their voice so that regardless of their approach – whether it's memoir or fiction – their writing sings.

Writing from Life: Fiction and Memoir
July 28 - August 10

In this workshop, participants learn to shape their experiences into fiction – or into fictionalized memoir. The lived life can provide rich content for a story, novel or an extended fictional recollection. Have you lived through an experience that you feel is worthy of telling to others either through fiction or in a memoir? This workshop will provide you the chance to explore how to take a lived experience and craft it into a work of fiction, transforming the everyday into the eternal. But there are no limits: Participants can write memoir, fiction, or try their hand at both. In this workshop, we will explore all aspects of narrative craft, from point of view to the use of time, from narration to dialogue, from characterization to the telling detail that defines character, place and era. Your life meets your imagination to create an indelible work of art: We show you how.

Robert J. Hughes is a former Wall Street Journal reporter, who specialized in cultural coverage, and is a novelist whose Late and Soon (Carroll & Graf) was praised by writers such as Adriana Trigiani and Edmund White for its beautiful prose and depth of characterization. He works as a writer on a variety of projects, from ghostwriting to playwriting, and lives between New York and Paris.